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We are connecting as alumnae and strengthening our bond to commit to enlightenment, mobilization and making a positive difference in our own families and out in the community.

Contact the THESURVIVORDIVA.COM™, Angela, about the innovative flagship league of alumnae forming in Philadelphia, PA

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KISS League of Alumnae Sisters is the new millennium initiative envisioned by The Survivor Diva™, Angela Reese to reconnect, inspire, and mobilize alumnae Kappa Sweethearts for service projects, to be engaged in self-improvement activities, and spiritually enlightening peer-to-peer and youth mentoring events.

• THE MISSION is to strengthen the bond of sisterhood through spirituality and Christ-centered mentoring relationships. To preserve our sweet legacy, to prepare ourselves, to mobilize, to mentor, and to promote our special interest within our families and out in our communities

• THE VISION is to make our families and our communities a whole lot sweeter by sharing our time, skills, and talents with one another and others who need us. Including collaborating with other Pan Hellenic Greek Council Auxiliary Alumni to impact the most people and reach the most desired outcomes.

• OUR SPECIAL INTEREST is to utilize our network of sisters and history of affiliation with Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity , Inc. as a partner to help spread awareness about cervical cancer and HPV disease especially on college campuses.

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