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Cooking Therapy is a form of Therapeutic Recreation. And cooking is an Occupational Therapy Modality as well.


Also referred to as Culinary Therapy, cooking is a recipe for a healthy mind.

Cooking adds a dash of mindfulness and nourishes a person's psychosocial well being.

Cooking is an outlet for creative expression. And cooking also provides physical movement and a sense of accomplishment which boasts self esteem and self actualization. 

Cooking can really be a heaping spoonful of joy that helps stimulate cognitive functioning. 

After once being a therapeutic recreation professional herself and then being involved in cooking interventions to reach therapeutic goals during inpatient hospitalizations, rehabilitation stays, and outpatient visits, The Survivor Diva strives to push through physical and emotional pain, cognitive deficit, generalized weakness, and adversity; and has turned cooking out of necessity for nourishment at home, into an intervention that helps her to reach her goals of improvement physically, mentally, and psychosocially. Self determination is the force which drives her. And faith, though shaken to the core and tested, is her fuel.

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